The Foundations of Computer Design – 95% Off
Hi Everyone, I have released a new course! Together with Brian Scotto I bring you The Foundation of Computer Design. This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about how computers work, which is something that YOU MUST understand! Most of my work has been done in the back-end so during the course you will be instructed by Brian, but… (0 comment)

Learn FreeRTOS Programming : Arduino,STM32 Step by Step
You may be knowing that last month i released a new course on RTOS programming . The Course is all about Porting/Programming FreeRTOS on various hardware like Arduino, STM32fx boards and even you can apply this course to any board which is based on ARM Cortex M based processor. I take you through STEP-BY-STEP procedure in understanding… (0 comment)

Last Chance to save $80 on FreeRTOS Course
Hello Everyone, I am closing $10 offer to my new course “Mastering RTOS : Hands on With FreeRTOS, Arduino, STM32Fx”. So, this will be the last chance if anybody wants to enroll for the course to save $80. offer will be closed in the next 48Hrs. Yes, the entire ~13 Hrs of FreeRTOS Video course,… (0 comment)

Flash 48 Hours Sale – Premium Courses At 10$
Spring is here now and today is also the Internationl Woman’s Day, so I wish to you all the best for all the women in your life!  With This Special Occasion I’ve decided to create a SPECIAL PROMO for you, FOR ONLY 48 HOURS, in which you can get any of my BEST SELLING  courses for JUST 10$ instead of 150$+, that’s… (0 comment)