#1 best NEW exercise for a flat belly in 2017
While I’m a fan of concentric abdominal work for direct ab training and learning how to activate your abdominals, relying only on “concentric contraction” abdominal training can lead to some problems… Lately, I’ve been building my abs with a lot of “non-bodybuilding” methods such as my complex workouts and 4 minute body-weight based fat loss… (0 comment)

As you may know, Yoga is widely thought to be a system of physical fitness or exercise of the body. Did you know that traditionally Yoga has primarily to do with the mind, with transcending all of the levels of our being, including transcending body, breath, senses, AND transcending mind. Actually, Yoga IS Meditation. This… (0 comment)

When people ask me: “What´s the #1 practice or technique you would recommend to have the greatest impact on my life as a whole, in the shortest period of time possible?” My answer often surprises them. It’s meditation.  No question about it. To the beginner or someone who has never developed an effective, consistent practice this seems like… (0 comment)

Do you want a window seat or a concussion?
The other day, United Airlines took a lot of heat online. It turns out that the flight was overbooked, so they asked if 4 volunteers would give up there seat. The plane went silent and nobody spoke up. Everyone wanted to be there, and no one was leaving. Have no fear, United Airlines is here!… (0 comment)